Liberals Claim Hudak’s Bill Will In fact Eliminate Jobs

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Ontario’s Liberal government has reacted to the plans of Provincial Tory leader, Tim Hudak, to create one million jobs, as it alleged that despite its “glitzy’’ title it will actually harm employment. Mr. Hudak is planning to introduce his bill, titled the Million Jobs Act, when the provincial legislature resumes sitting on Feb. 18, which is a bill that Hudak claims will include tax cuts, increased training for skilled jobs, and increased trade.

However, speaking on behalf of the provincial government, the minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, Brad Duguid, informed reporters at Queen’s Park on Monday that the bill should instead be called “The killing jobs with billions of cuts Act.’’ He alleged that “Tim Hudak will eliminate jobs, drive down wages and weaken pensions, all while cutting billions of dollars for our hospitals and schools.” Additionally, he accused that “Tim Hudak wants to pick up where he left off with (former Ontario Premier) Mike Harris. These are old, stale and outdated ideas,’’ adding that “while Tim Hudak is well-known for gimmicks, he has really outdone himself today.”

Furthermore, Duguid revealed that Hudak’s plan includes initiatives designed to destroy the stability in the labour market. He mentioned that “Tim Hudak’s Conservatives believe that nothing matters more than eliminating Ontario’s deficit by massive spending cuts. Liberals know the economy doesn’t need cuts, it needs help.” It was added that “the best way to reduce the deficit is to have a stronger economy with more people working. That is the core of the Liberal plan.”

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