NDP MPP to drivers: check the fine print on Liberal auto insurance claim

New Democrat Consumer Services Critic Jagmeet Singh says drivers should check the fine print on the Liberal claim that auto insurance rates have been lowered by 3.9 percent in January. Singh says despite claims of January reductions, the fine print shows that insurers will be allowed to make drivers wait over half a year before they can actually apply for lower rates. 

“Instead of ensuring that drivers get some actual relief from the highest auto insurance rates in Canada, the government’s playing with the numbers and leaving people to pay the same sky-high bills,” said Singh. “Once again, the Liberals are showing they are more interested in PR announcements than they are in getting people the relief they deserve.” 

Earlier this week the government announced that rates had declined this quarter. However, they failed to note drivers won’t actually be able to apply for the new approved rates for months, and in some cases, half a year from now.

“The government promised that rates would come down, but some drivers are going to waiting more than a year to see any relief,” said Singh. “Ontario could see another budget before some of these drivers see any savings. We need to ensure that drivers see some relief, not endless delay tactics and number games.”

In the spring of 2013 New Democrats pushed the government into committing to a 15 per cent reduction in auto insurance rates in the Budget.

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