Ford to Present Formula for Saving $60M in Budget

Mayor Rob Ford will be entering Wednesday’s city council meeting with proposals to save more than $60 million in the 2014 budget. Ford’s budget saving plans are aimed at limiting the property tax hike, which are otherwise scheduled to swell up to 1.75%, including a 1.25% property tax increase and a 0.5% hike to start to fund the Scarborough subway.

According to several sources close to the mayor, Mr. Ford has enlisted almost 25 motions that will be presented out on the floor of council as he previously refused to show them to the executive committee last week. Even though Mr. Ford has already confessed that he expects councillors to reject his proposed cuts, he still plans to fight on the council floor. It is believed that Mr. Ford will seek approval of council to direct staff to find private sponsorship to cover $19 million in Pan Am Games celebrations, begin charging a minimal fee for the city’s Welcome Policy to raise $2.5 million, and to ask the province to allow the city to pin on unpaid library fines to property tax bills, and to cut city council’s $3.1-million general expense budget and along with $3.5 million gathered from tax assessment growth to drive down the property tax levy.

Ford is not very optimistic about the budget debate on Wednesday, as he alleged that “the taxpayers are going to get robbed blind.” He added that “the taxpayers want me to save money but the councillors want to spend it. There are very few fiscally responsible councillors down there.”

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