Court to Begin Terrorism Trial of London, Ont., Doctor

Judge has decided not to commence the hearing of a Toronto pathologist and one-time Canadian Idol contestant, Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, in secret. Dr. Sher is accused of planning a terrorist attack, details of which are anticipated to be reveled soon by federal Crown prosecutors. The Crown sought the court to commence the proceedings in secret because the trail included overlapping evidence for other cases, hence prosecutors claimed that news reporting of the Sher trial could prejudice the fair trial rights of the other two defendants.

Several media groups challenged the request and alleged that the ban was excessive and unprecedented, hence conclusively the judge decided to hold the trial in open but banned news media from identifying Sher’s alleged co-conspirators, whose trial is expected to start in April. Dr. Sher, 29-year-old father of three from London, Ont., was living in Toronto under strict bail conditions. Police reveals that the arrest of Sher, and his co-accused, was the result of an 11-month undercover operation and claims that it prevented an imminent attack that had been a threat to the Ottawa area and “Canadian security.”

Dr. Sher was arrested from St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, near London, and charged with one count of conspiring to facilitate a terrorist activity. President and CEO of the hospital, Paul Collins, shares that “when I woke up and came to work this morning, this would have been way down my list of things that might have happened.” He added that “it was very surreal, actually, to hear. Nobody really saw this coming at all.”

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