Premier Wynne Writes to NDP, Tories for Ideas on Upcoming Budget

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has officially addressed letters to leaders of all provincial opposition parties on Monday, which seeks their input on this spring’s spending plan. Wynne’s Liberals only control a minority number of seats in the legislature, which automatically means that she needs to at least secure the support of one of the either parties in order to successfully pass the budget and avert an election.

Numerous political analysts have repeatedly speculated that the budget will prompt spring election at Queen’s Park, but neither Ms. Wynne nor New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath wants to be blamed for triggering one. The Premier has previously asked other parties to support her budget as well, while she consistently refrained from asserting that she has any interest in going to the polls. During a tour of Dortec, i.e. a latch-making company north of Toronto, she alleged that “I intend to govern,” and “I get ideas from all over. I get ideas from people in places like Dortec, I get ideas from people in Tim Hortons, I get ideas from people who are part of the opposition parties.”

However, on the other hand, The Progressive Conservatives have openly refused to help Ms. Wynne. Tory MPP Doug Holyday mentioned that “She’s gone on far too long,” and that “she should go to the voters. The voters of Ontario deserve to say who the premier of this province is, and I think that they’re going to send her a resounding message.”

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