Report Finds Ex-Liberal Senators’ Expenses Lacks Information

According to detailed examination conducted by CBC, it has found that the documents released by the federal Liberal Party on Monday lack several crucial details. The disclosure came almost eight months after the party declared that it would release the travel expenses and it only released travel claims acquired by its senators who were formerly part of its caucus.

However, the study revealed that the disclosure do not include travel costs incurred by spouses, even though they are permitted to travel business class to Ottawa with senators at public expense. In addition to that, the disclosure overall includes less information than what was previously issued by Conservative senators. While making an announcement, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stated that his party’s “Open Parliament” plan for MPs and senators aims to reveal “quarterly online expense reports that are easily accessible by Canadians.” The promise was fulfilled on Monday, when the information was revealed in a concealed manner on the Liberal Party’s website on a page titled “Senators who were formerly members of the National Liberal Caucus.”

The information actually revealed on the website included travel costs for the former Liberal senators, per diem claims for meals while in Ottawa and some hospitality expenses for the time period from last September until Dec. 31. When inquired about the matter, Liberal MP John McCallum stated that his party decided not to post spousal expense claims because “we decided to do what the ministers currently do, which is to release MP travel and hospitality.”

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