Police Arrests Stabbing Suspect Who Killed Two

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Police has arrested 29-year-old Jayme Joshua Pasieka, who had a history of erratic behavior, after he instigated a workplace stabbing riot with two knives. The dreadful incident cost two lives and four others were seriously injured. An employee of the Loblaw distribution centre in west Edmonton, Pasieka, was taken in Police custody on Friday evening after an intense, citywide manhunt.

Police have announced to host a press conference at police headquarters 11 a.m. Saturday for providing further details about their investigation into the case and the charges laid. An employee of Loblaw warehouse, Harry Sanhu, remembers having lunch with fellow coworkers when he heard people shouting that someone was stabbed. Sanhu alleged that he ran from the lunchroom and saw a co-worker, whom he usually parked beside, getting into his green SUV with a knife in his hand. Recalling the time, he said “it was a really scary moment.” A different employee described hearing people crying and seeing others running, whereas another said he saw a person screaming and covered in blood, before he fled to the supervisor’s office to hide.

In addition to that, another warehouse employee in lunchroom at the time, Aaron Ngantafam, witnessed the suspect walk by with knives and a military jacket. He remembered that the man didn’t say anything and added that “you know, it’s like in a movie.” Ngantafam claims his supervisor was one of the people who was stabbed, and that two “nice guys” were killed in the attacks.

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