Taliban’s One Month Ceasefire Announced

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Tehrik-e-Taliba, (TTP) announced today that they initiate a month long ceasefire which means no attacks will be held by the TTP during the month long peace talks between the Government and the TTP. “We announce a month-long ceasefire from today and appeal to all our comrades to respect the decision and refrain from any activity during this period,” said the spokesman of TTP Shahidullah Shahid.

Shahid said that the decision was taken after an agreement between the Taliban Shura and the chief of the Taliban group. The spokesman further added that the peace talks with the government had been started with honest intentions by the Taliban. According to the spokesman a positive response had been received by the Taliban committee from the government to finish the deadlock in peace talks and the announcement of ceasefire from both sides. He assured that the Taliban were serious and the Government had started to think over the implementation of their recommendations. The Taliban’s ceasefire announcement today was welcomed by the government’s five member committee. Head of the committee, Irfan Siddiqui said the announcement of ceasefire was a positive step towards talks.

Talks between the two committees stopped after the Taliban targeted Pakistan’s security Frontier Corps and civilians in more than one terrorist attacks during the talks. Following this deadlock, the surgical strikes conducted by Pakistan Army were carried out targeting militant hideouts and killing many Talibans hiding in the tribal areas.

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