MLA Mike Farnworth Vows to Become Next B.C. NDP Leader

While pondering for months over NDP’s prominent loss in the previous British Columbia election, veteran MLA Mike Farnworth took advice from his colleagues regarding what should be his future prospects. He revealed his conclusion to have decided to lead the provincial party in the next general election with a much hands-on approach.

Making the announcement on Sunday, Farnworth stated that “that means fighting a hard, aggressive election campaign that will get our message across.” He alleged that “over the last seven months it’s no secret I’ve been talking with people and calling some friends and family about whether or not to run, and whether I’m the right candidate to run. I came to the decision that yes I am, so I am throwing my hat in the ring.” Speaking about the lack of enthusiasm in the NDP after the election defeat, Mr. Farnworth alleged that “that was a very painful loss back in May of last year. I think all of us were just gutted.”

Commenting over the time he took to make the decision, Farnworth stated that “it’s been going on for quite a long time,” and added that “there’s been increasing pressure to make a decision and let my intentions be known. I’ve had people say ‘I want to support you, but I want to know, are you going to be running?’ I think now is the right time to say, ‘Look, I’m in the race, I’m running to win and I’m running to be the next premier of the province of British Columbia.’”

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