Research Indicates Cyberbullying Extended to Canadian Universities

Simon Fraser University (SFU) has sponsored a symposium to be conducted on Wednesday, March 12, in Vancouver where papers will be presented showing that cyberbullying is increasing on university campuses across the country. According to the details of the vent, the papers will be presented by Dr. Wanda Cassidy, an education professor at SFU, Margaret Jackson, a criminology professor emerita, and Chantal Faucher, a post-doctoral fellow at SFU’s Centre for Education, Law and Society.

While announcing the symposium, Cassidy alleged that “many universities are lagging behind in addressing this problem in effective ways. We want to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to learn what we have discovered through our research and begin to discuss ways to curtail the problem and better assist those who have been negatively affected.” It was explained that the researchers surveyed more than 2,000 people and interviewed more than 30 people in four Canadian universities, out of which two were from British Columbia, one from the Prairies, and the fourth in Atlantic Canada.

The research is said to have concluded that cyberbullying does not only takes place between students but also between students and instructors, and faculty members and their co-workers. In her official statement, Cassidy added that researchers were surprised to learn that bullying takes place in universities to the extent it does. She stated that “when you look at cyberbullying among younger kids, or kids in middle and high school, usually by the age of 15, it dies off.”

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