Couillard Says PQ’s Claim that Ontarians are Stealing Election is Ridiculous

Quebec Liberal Leader, Philippe Couillard, recently mentioned during a campaign speech in Sherbrooke on Monday that the Parti Québécois claim alleging that Ontarians are trying to steal the Quebec election was a “nearly grotesque” attack on the integrity of the province’s voting system. The PQ had stated that students from other Canadian provinces, who are studying in Quebec, will overflow the voter registration process. However, Mr. Couillard alleged that the claim shows that Pauline Marois’s team is in a state of panic.

Disregarding the claim from the PQ, Quebec’s chief electoral officer shared statistics on Sunday that proved late voter registration requests have declined since 2012 in the ridings that are most likely to have out-of-province students. Mr. Couillard alleged that “this attack on the chief electoral officer is nearly grotesque.” He elaborated that “I can’t get over it. It’s literally an attempt to bully an independent institution, the chief electoral officer. The immense balloon was deflated in a matter of hours, and there they are, having attacked the chief electoral officer and put his credibility in doubt.”

On the other hand, PQ Leader Pauline Marois also announced late Sunday to impose a stricter version of Quebec’s language laws to enforce protection of French. In response to which, Couillard stated that “they’re grabbing onto anything that passes. ‘Hey, let’s try this. Maybe we can scare people.’ This is panic. This is a sideshow, and we’ve had a succession of sideshows before the election as well, that are only destined to divide Quebeckers against each other, to create an environment where they might have a referendum.”

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