Heat from Blaze Might Have Warped Hull of HMCS Protecteur

Officials suspect that intense blaze might have caused extensive damage of the deck and other metal structures on HMCS Protecteur, which caught fire and had to be towed to safety by the U.S. navy. Several agencies are conducting a comprehensive investigation of the cause of fire and the extent of the damage, which may take several months for the board of inquiry to conclude with full details.

However, the Canadian Forces fire marshal are anticipated to deliver a preliminary report about the blaze to senior naval officers soon. So far, experts suspect that the fire started on the port side of the engine room and spread exponentially due to large amounts of oil from systems on board the vessel. However, many have expressed concerns that the deck and hull might have warped due to intense heat. Even though the navy has not release additional details yet, it still acknowledged in a statement that “significant fire and heat damage to the ship’s engine room and considerable heat and smoke damage in surrounding compartments.”

Navy officers have alleged that despite the intensity of the fire, abandoning ship was not considered. An email authored by a public affairs spokesman, Navy Lt. Greg Menzies, stated that “the priority for the CO (commanding officer) and crew of HMCS Protecteur was fighting the fire.” It was added that “the crew was able to contain the fire in the engine room, and after several hours it was extinguished. A decision to abandon ship would only be considered after exhausting all other options.”

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