Quebec Voters Cast Ballot after a Bumpy Campaign

33 days of election campaigning, including new lows in mudslinging and one surprise after another, have come to one end as Quebecers go to poll in the election on Monday. Overall more than six million people in 125 ridings are eligible to cast ballots.

Quebec’s chief electoral officer, Jacques Drouin, revealed that approximately 19.27 per cent of registered voters, i.e. every one in five, opted to poll in advance and have their say in choosing the leaders to represent them. Statistically, the number of people who opted for advanced polling have increased from September 2012, i.e. when it was 16.61 per cent. Whereas the remaining are getting their chance in Quebec’s 41st general election. Environment Canada has cleared the day to be a great one for voting, explaining that weather forecast calls for sunny skies and 12 C in Montreal and sunny and 7 C in Quebec City.

At the end of day, overall the election is expected to cost taxpayers about $88 million, which is more than $75 million in the 2012 election. However, that election resulted in a minority Parti Québécois government, which was only able to secure office for 19 months. The last minority government in Quebec was in 2007, prior to that there had not been once since 1878. However, 2012 election were noteworthy for one key reason, i.e. it was the first time Quebecers elected a woman premier, Pauline Marois.

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