Former PM Mulroney Draws Attention to Natural Resources Strategy

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, mentioned in his recent remarks that the country must launch a “vigorous national commitment” to develop its natural resources and sell them to the rest of the world. Addressing a selective audience at a conference arranged by think-tank, Canada2020, in the nation’s capital on Tuesday, Mulroney spoke on one of the biggest challenges faced by Canada in the coming future.

Mulroney boasted that Canada is blessed with immense natural resources, including oil, gas, and minerals, but it lacks the infrastructure and systemic co-operation among key players to take advantage of it. He highlighted that Canada would be at a disadvantage in a very competitive global market, where Asian nations are consuming vast amounts of energy. Mulroney advised current Prime Minister Stephen Harper to include energy development in his agenda as top national priority. He proposed that this should include extraction of resources from the ground, building pipelines, guarding the environment and working with Canada’s major trading partner, i.e. the United States, on energy and carbon emission reductions.

Mulroney recalled that just like free trade with the U.S. was a priority of his government, it should be the same for today’s generation of leaders. In his speech, Mulroney alleged that “Canada is a vibrant federation” and “we are not a unitary state. The government of Canada cannot act unilaterally to resolve this matter. The federal government must urgently initiate avenues of co-operation with all stakeholders to ensure that we move forward in the national interest.”

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