Toronto Residents Concerned After Fire Station Shutdown

Local residents are worried about the Toronto city council’s decision to take four local fire trucks off the road and close down a fire station in the west end of the city. A council vote led to closure of Fire Station 424, located on Runnymede Road near Annette Street, and remove four fire trucks from service in the city in an effort to save money. Moreover, the city also axed three more fire trucks located in Scarborough.

Consequently, a total of eighty-four firefighters were affected by the decision and hence are scheduled to be moved to other stations across the city. According to The Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association (TPFFA), these cuts will increase emergency response times and jeopardize the safety of area residents. Commenting on the decision on early morning, local resident Ericka Wagner alleged that “I’m completely shocked, I walk by this fire station every day” and “I just moved into the area and I kind of picked this neighbourhood for this fire station – I really liked that there was one so close.” Moreover, upon inquiry if she really feels the budget constraints exist, Wagner replied that “I’m sure Rob Ford could take a pay cut.”

In his remarks, Station Captain Henry Mommo alleged to be sad about the closure but said there is little he can do about the city’s decision. He stated that “it’s an odd feeling, I can’t really describe it. It’s a bit of history. I’m sorry for the neighbourhood, but that’s what they’ve decided to do.”

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