Study Finds Quebec City as Best Place for Canadian Woman

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A new study conducted by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has found Quebec City to be best city in Canada for a woman while Edmonton to be the worst. The study ranked different cities on how women and men fare in five areas including economic security, leadership, health, personal security and education.

The research found that women earn the most in Ottawa, while the lowest levels of poverty exists in Calgary. It found highest life expectancy in Vancouver, and the highest stress levels in Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo in Ontario. According to senior researcher Kate McInturff, the study evaluated 20 large metropolitan areas and while men and women have equal access to health care and education, “that hasn’t translated into personal safety at home or promotion at work.” McInturff alleged that women face significant risks of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and low rates of promotion into leadership roles. It was added that “it is in these two areas that Canada has the furthest to go” and “closing the gap is a matter of working on many fronts at once. Economic security is linked to personal security and vice versa.”

McInturff alleged that “a closer look at the local picture demonstrates that the gaps can be closed. Proactive pay equity measures are narrowing the gap in what men and women earn in capital cities like Ottawa and Victoria, and affordable child care and family leave policies are increasing access to employment for women in cities in Quebec,”

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