Hudak Vows to Send 100,000 Civil Servants Home after Winning

Sharing his plan to send 100,000 civil servants home if he comes to power, Ontario’s PC Leader Tim Hudak alleged that “our government is growing bigger than we can afford.” In the press release, he said that “we’re spending more and more with money we don’t have, and piling up enormous debt,” so the job cuts will be coupled with an across-the-board wage freeze, an end to public sector “gold plated pensions,” and lowering government spending in all ministries except health.

According to Hudak, other two party leaders are more concerned about winning a popularity contest rather than making the tough decisions. He said “I’m here to say enough is enough.” In response to his statement, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne criticized Hudak, saying that “he will have to not shrink government, he will have to slash services. He will have to cut and slash deeply into education, into child care, into health care.” She alleged that “he will have to cut services across the board, which will mean that our most vulnerable people will be at risk. There is no question about it.” It was added that “Tim Hudak either doesn’t understand or he doesn’t care about the services that we deliver in this province.”

On the other hand, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath alleged that Hudak’s plan is a reminder of “when he sat around the cabinet table with Mike Harris.” She said that “I don’t think anybody in Ontario wants to go backward” because “It makes no sense whatsoever.”

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