Chow Vows to 200 km Bike Lanes in Toronto

One of the key candidate for the mayoral position of Canada’s largest city, Olivia Chow has revealed her plans to transform Toronto into a Chicago-style mecca for cyclists, creating 200 kilometres of additional lanes and boulevards over four years. Chow vowed to reallocate money for trails already in the cycling budget to carry out the work.

Unveiling her plans, Chow explained that “the biking budget each year is about $9.5 million dollars, $6 million of that goes to bike trails, $3 million is for on-road infrastructure. Some of the trails are currently going through EA’s (environmental assessments) and one is not ready to start till 2016 so we can reallocate that money.” Chow added that “when I was a councillor in 2005 there was discussion about this. Now in July we will finally see a lane. It does not have to take eight years. There is no political will, no direction… a vacuum of leadership when Rob Ford is not at work and laden down with scandals. We can do so much better.”

Upon being questioned about where these lanes will actually be, Ms. Chow alleged that she couldn’t say exactly where and how they would appear. According to Chow, “we have a plan, an old one, just need to update it and get it done. I will leave the finer details to city planners. But it’s about having a grid, a network so you can continuously be on the bike line, so people feel safe and will get out of their cars and onto bikes.”

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