Alberta Hunter Seriously Injured by Black Bear ‘On Top of Him’

A 56-year-old Edmonton man was airlifted to hospital on Sunday night after being attacked and wounded by a black bear that bit and tackled him, before he was fatally shot and murdered by the hunter. Regional problem wildlife specialist with Alberta Fish and Wildlife, Mike Ewald, alleged that “the bear that chewed on the guy, that attacked the guy, was shot and killed by the hunter,” adding that “it appears he shot the bear as the bear was on top of him.”

Authorities confirm that the man was legally hunting bear on private land in Smoky Lake County since black bear hunting on private land is legal year round with permission from the landowner. According to Smoky Lake County fire Chief, Scott Franchuk, firefighters attended the victim at a nearby farmhouse where was taken right after the incident. Franchuk alleged that “we treated his injuries on scene,” although “we had a language barrier, as he did not speak English.” Thereafter, an air ambulance was called in shortly before 10 p.m., which landed at Range Road 170 and Township Road 602, i.e. approximately 130 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

The victim was shifted to the University of Alberta Hospital in stable condition. Elwad explained that “he shot and wounded a black bear, and he followed it into the bush where the wounded bear turned on him.” Furthermore, Ewald added that “while the bear was in contact with him, he fatally shot … He finished the bear off.”

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