Police Charged UBC Professor after Finding Hidden Camera

Police and UBC authorities have confirmed that an internationally acclaimed scientist and associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Jim Rupert, was arrested and charged with voyeurism after hidden cameras were discovered in a campus change room. An anti-doping expert and a professor in the school’s department of kinesiology, Jim Rupert, was arrested on April 16, after staffers discovered hidden recording devices in a makeshift change room they had set up for participants in a study.

Campus RCMP Sgt., Drew Grainger, stated that “this associate professor allegedly had placed some of these devices within this makeshift change room to record persons who were participating in the study changing clothes.” According to the school, it took immediate action and “the safety of our students, staff and faculty is a top priority for UBC and we take immediate action when any serious allegation is made.” A statement issued by UBC added that “our policies also allow us to ban perpetrators from our campuses and to prohibit them from contacting members of our community.”

However, students have expressed serious concerns about the delay of revealing the news of Rupert’s arrest. One student complained that “you’d think if something like that happened on campus they would let you know about it.” Whereas, defending the decision, Grainger alleged that “at the time of our initial attendance we were quickly able to make an assessment that warranted an immediate arrest of an individual involved in this investigation, which mitigated any public safety.”

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