MP André Bellavance Quits Bloc Québécois

Bloc Québécois leader, Mario Beaulieu, has lost yet another MP after Richmond-Arthabaska MP, André Bellavance, announced to quit the caucus and sit as an independent Member of Parliament from Monday onwards. This means that the party is now left with two MPs in the House of Commons and one of them, Claude Patry, has already announced to run again in the 2015 election.

Addressing the press at an emotional press conference in his hometown of Victoriaville, Bellavance stated that “accepting the results (of the leadership race) does not mean accepting the orientations of the new leader.” Furthermore, Bellavance alleged that “his (Beaulieu) vision and orientation for the Bloc are diametrically opposed to mine. Mr. Beaulieu says he can unite the party; for me it’s not the case.” Bellavance confessed that he is leaving with regrets and has now become the third MP to announce that he wouldn’t run again for the party.

In addition to Patry, Jean-Francois Fortin also announced to bail out last week. Fortin called Beaulieu a dogmatic radical sovereignist and said he does not share his vision. Meanwhile, Fortin claims he will complete his term as an independent. Bellavance had similar beefs with Beaulieu. “It is no longer the party I knew,” Bellavance said revealing a “witchhunt” is underway in the party to judge the “purity” of member’s sovereignist convictions. Bellavance stated that “I don’t feel at ease with this new team,” adding that “I do not intend to be the leader of the opposition of the leader of the Bloc Québécois.”

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