Ford Medical Condition on Standstill as Mayoral Race Deadline Day

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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While Toronto Mayor Rob Ford waits for a diagnosis after learning about his abdominal tumour, the city’s dramatic mayoral race has heightened as the clock ticks toward the deadline for candidates to withdraw and Toronto voters wait for clarity. Although Ford brothers will not be able to have biopsy results ready until next week, there are only few hours left for them to decide whether to take his name off the ballot.

Having said that, the deadline of 2 p.m. Friday is in some ways artificial because Mayor Ford can simply remain on the ballot now and later terminate his candidacy informally at a later date. However, even in that case, Doug Ford will have to formally sign up before the deadline if he wants to give himself the possibility of taking his brother’s place. Analysts claim that Doug Ford might theoretically sign up on Friday only as a backup plan, while Rob Ford remains on the ballot and they could make a final decision later.

Mt. Sinai Hospital colorectal surgeon, Dr. Zane Cohen, confirm during an evening news conference that whatever the Ford brothers decide, they must make the difficult decision without receiving the critical results of his Thursday biopsy. Meanwhile, Cohen refused to offer a prognosis and said that Ford is in a “holding pattern” for now so “as a doctor we don’t deal in possibilities. We deal in facts. We don’t have those facts.” Cohen stated that “we won’t have the biopsy result for another week. And when that happens we will inform the family and we will proceed from there.”

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