Soknacki Accuses Ford of Using Office to Run Election Campaign

According to the latest set of allegations laid by former mayoral candidate, David Soknacki, Mayor Rob Ford allegedly using his public office to coordinate activities of his private political campaign. Although Soknacki dropped out of the mayoral race last month, he released a set of documents that allegedly show “without a doubt” that city rules were broken more than once.

In his remarks, Mr. Sokacki stated that “there are at least a dozen examples of improper use of the office,” adding that “as well, it shows that both Mayor Ford’s staff and the integrity commissioner pointed out the impropriety of the uses and the uses continued.” The documents were obtained through a freedom of information request and include copies of the mayor’s schedule and hundreds of partially blacked out emails to and from his city-funded staff.

According to Soknacki, the emails include clear references to the mayor’s participation in a debate and an implicit acknowledgement that campaign robocalls were coordinated through his public office. He mentioned that “if there was one or two exceptions, I think that the public would look past exceptions to the rule” adding that “if there was also a declaration from the mayor that he was doing his best to divide the two roles, I would expect that there would be forgiveness as well. That’s not what happened here. We have had complete denial from the mayor that what is before us in black and white ever existed.”

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