Canada Post to Cut Door-To-Door Delivery in Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg

Implementation of the first phase of Canada Post’s plan to cut door-to-door delivery in some communities has started from Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg, Starting from Monday onwards, thousands of Canadians will have to walk a little further to get their mail as community mailboxes replace door-to-door service. Starting from 11 communities this fall, Canada Post’s five-year program will ultimately affect about 5 million addresses.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers confirmed that Winnipeg’s letter carriers will be taken off routes from Monday in West Kilodonan, Garden City and The Maples. The homes affected have the postal code R2P and R2V.  On the other hand, the union has filed a constitutional challenge in federal court over the change as it claims that the move violates the rights of senior citizens and people living with disabilities. According to Ontario resident Gordon Moore, Canada Post has failed to consider senior citizens in its decision and so “I still think it stinks.” Moore stated that “their excuse is everybody does stuff on the Internet,” adding that “but getting back to the seniors again, we’re not good at the Internet.”

Canada Post previously mentioned in February that it understands that some customers may be unable to access a community mailbox, “and it is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind from accessing the mail service.” It was acknowledged that “as it transitions existing neighbourhoods like these, it may need to offer additional solutions for people with significant mobility challenges, who lack viable alternatives and would face unacceptable hardship.”

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