Whitby man Eric Degrace charged with arson

A 20-year-old Whitby man has been arrested after numerous fires had been set in and near Whitby parks.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, at approximately 11 p.m., a fire engulfed a shed and a gazebo in the backyard of a house in the area of Peel Street and John Street East. No one was hurt, but heat from the fire caused minor damage to the house. The house backs on to Peel Park.

Approximately three hours later, Whitby Fire responded to two more fires. A children's slide was damaged in a park in the Brock Street South and Burns Street area, and a couch, put out as garbage, was found burning in front of a house in the area of Brock Street South and John Street.

Investigators identified a suspect and arrested him last night as he was exiting a public washroom in Peel Park. Plastic plumbing had been set on fire inside the washrooms and extinguished by officers.

Eric DEGRACE, age 20, of John Street East in Whitby, is charged with: Arson with Disregard to Human Life and Arson Causing Damage to Property x3. He was held for a bail hearing.

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