Fraser Institute’s Freedom Index Ranks Canada Better the U.S.

A new report issued by Fraser Institute has ranked Canada better than the United States with regards to personal, civil and economic freedoms. The public policy research group issued The Human Freedom Index on Tuesday and ranked Canada at sixth position while the U.S. lied many spots back at 20th position. Overall, the index ranks 152 countries from all over the world and evaluates information gathered from 70 different data sources from 2008 to 2012.

According to the research group, it aims to measures people’s ability to enjoy classic civil liberties like freedom of speech, religion, individual economic choice, and association and assembly. The list ranks Hong Kong at the top and Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and New Zealand in the top five subsequently. On the contrary, Myanmar, Congo and Iran were ranked the least. The research group claims that Hong Kong’s highest ranking was supported by its high economic freedom and the fact that it did not consider the country’s measure of democracy in the ranking.

The editor of the study, Fred McMahon, stated that Canada earned its sixth place because it scored high on a number of freedoms. He explained that “Canada doesn’t lead in a single area, but it’s high on all areas, like economic freedom,” adding that “we have a very strong rule of law, good on safety and security. You can’t really have freedom without safety and security. And of course, in what you might call political freedoms and associations, speech and so on, we’re also top of the class.”

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