Wayne Gretzky Declares Support for Stephen Harper

Hockey Hall of Famer and NHL’s all-time leading scorer, Wayne Gretzky, publicly declared his support for Conservative leader, Stephen Harper, on Friday at a rally in downtown Toronto. In his remarks, Gretzky had nothing but words of admiration for Harper’s years as leader.

With an audience of several hundred Conservative supporters at the rally, Gretzky told Harper that “you’ve been an unreal prime minister and you’ve been wonderful to the whole country,” adding that “I know you have nothing but the country’s best interests at heart.” The duo spent most of the time talking hockey, and not politics, during the question and answer-style event. However, Harper did open the event with brief attacks at the economic plans of the Liberals and NDP as he said they would endanger Canada’s “fragile economy.” At the end, Harper and Gretzky did not take any questions from the media.

Earlier during the day, Harper was questioned about why Gretzky and thousands of other Canadian expats are being deprived of the right to vote in Canadian elections. In reply to the query, Harper stated that “obviously we want to make sure that we have, I think, fair rules to make sure Canadian elections are decided by Canadian residents.” He pointed out that “I’ve never heard Mr. Gretzky challenge that particular notion but as you know he has been, even as an expat, a fantastic ambassador not just for the great national winter sport but for this country.”

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