Canada’s Niqab Controversy Can Be Solved With An iPhone

Besides men hide behind beards so why can’t women wear a niqab?

By Stephen Pate – It’s hard to say who is sillier in the niqab election debate – Prime Minister Stephen Harper or the Canadian media.

Despite hundreds of stories in the media and too much time in the French leaders debate, no one has presented the two simple and low-cost solutions to identifying a woman wearing a niqab for religious reasons.

Any Apple iPhone since the 5s has almost instant fingerprint identification called Touch ID. If Immigration are worried the niqab is hiding someone’s identity, they should get a few iPhone 5s at a cost of $599 each.

Photo caption – Zunera Ishaq talks to reporters outside the Federal Court of Appeal after her case was heard on whether she can wear a niqab while taking her citizenship oath, in Ottawa on Tuesday, September 15, 2015.


According to the National Post, only 2 women have refused to lower their veils during the citizenship ceremony.  Total cost to the Harper government to solve the issue is $1,200.

It appears the Prime Minister would prefer to solidify his right-wing voters who are prejudiced against Muslims so he has made a huge issue of this phony controversy.

If the government wants to block terrorists with Windows computers, Windows 10 has a new feature called “Hello” that can scan your iris for ID purposes. The computer needs an even less expensive (US) $99 Intel RealSense camera. Total cost for 2 women is $250 Canadian.

Instead Mr. Harper has a court challenge to the Muslim women that will cost millions in legal fees, again a useless effort to appeal to his less liberal constituents.

Men, of course, can hide behind beards and turbans when swearing allegiance to Queen and country. Does this suggest the issue is sexist or just islamophobia.

We should welcome diversity – of race, religion and even appearance. It makes life interesting. Fear is a nasty tool for politicians seeking election.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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