‘Careless Use of Fireworks’ Sets East Vancouver Home Ablaze

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Vancouver Police has confirmed that they suspect “careless use of fireworks” by three individuals to have caused the blaze that engulfed an East Vancouver home on late Thursday, which is believed to have suffered from extensive damage worth over $500,000. Const. Brian Montague revealed that police and firefighters were called to report for fire incident at a home on Woodland Drive near East 10th Avenue around 10:30 p.m.

According to Const. Montague, the two occupants of the home were still inside when they arrived and one had to be rescued from the rear balcony by next-door neighbours using a ladder. He stated that “we’re very fortunate that no one was killed” adding that “I believe there are some pets that are still outstanding, unfortunately, but extremely lucky that no one was killed in this fire.” In addition to that, Montague pointed out that the fire is believed to have been caused by the “careless use of fireworks by three individuals.” He said that the suspects were seen running from the area and getting into a vehicle after flames broke out.

Meanwhile, Montague confirmed that the homeowners were not involved. He commented that the damage to the exterior of the home is “severe,” while the interior is completely gutted the interior. He alleged that “when you see inside the house, that’s when you see the real devastation,” adding that “if this house can be repaired, we’re estimating somewhere around half a million dollars to repair it.”

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