Bill Blair to Lead Task Force for Legalizing Marijuana

The Trudeau government has decided to make a move to fulfil its promise of legalizing marijuana in the country. Former police Chief and a rookie Liberal MP, Bill Blair has been tasked to formulize the most suitable way to legalize marijuana in Canada.

According to the federal officials, Mr. Blair is anticipated to work in collocation with a new federal-provincial task force devised to develop a regime in which marijuana is available to all adults across the country. This would allow the two levels of government to reap applicable sales taxes from marijuana sales. The former chief of the Toronto Police Service is anticipated to develop a consensus in favour of the major shift in the way that marijuana is handled by the country’s justice system.

Mr. Blair’s former colleagues at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police have expressed their concerns regarding issues such as access to the drug by young Canadians, and the potential for an increase in impaired driving. Chief of the Saskatoon Police Service and president of the CACP, Clive Weighill, mentioned in his remarks that “Mr. Blair has a formidable challenge in front of him,” adding that “we in policing have a role to play, as do many others. We will work with the government in a positive and collaborative manner to help mitigate public safety impacts.” Meanwhile, Carleton University professor Frances Woolley pointed out that “there are inevitable tensions between these goals: Harm reduction potentially conflicts with revenue maximization, for example,” adding that “what I would hope the task force to accomplish is to steer a path that gets us as close as we can to achieving these three objectives.”

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