Opposition Criticizes Liberals for Forming Canada Post Home Delivery Task Force

The Liberal government has been accused by the federal opposition parties to have shied away from its promise to restore home mail delivery by subduing the matter to a panel tasked for reviewing the Crown corporation.

A formal review of Canada Post was launched on Thursday by Public Services Minister, Judy Foote, to determine, among other matters, whether the postal service should follow through with its plan to eliminate door-to-door mail delivery or not. Ms. Foote has reportedly reassured that the government will maintain home delivery but she also deferred the decision about what exactly will it look like to the task force leading the review. In a press conference in Ottawa, Ms. Foote stated that “home delivery, yes. Home delivery in what format in terms of time is another question,” adding that “I don’t think we specified in terms of home delivery being seven days a week or five days a week. We need to hear from Canadians what it is they need and Canadians are responsible and I think they will understand that it has to be at a reasonable cost.”

Both main opposition parties have blamed the Liberal government for avoiding its election promise to restore home delivery. NDP public services and procurement critic, Erin Weir, recalled that “the Prime Minister was very clear on the campaign trail that he was going to restore home mail delivery and I think to most Canadians that would mean to re-establish the existing service.” He stated that “the government has to figure out the logistics of doing that and rather than trying to figure out the logistics, today they’re turning away from the promise altogether.”

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