May Ready to Vacate Green Party Leadership for Right Candidate

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has confessed that she’s not so excited to lead the party, or so excited about politics anyway, before meeting supporters at this weekend’s national convention in Ottawa. During an interview with The Globe and Mail on Friday, Ms. May stressed that she would rather be more committed to being a good Member of Parliament for the B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands than the leader of the Green Party, which she has headed since 2006.

In her remarks, Elizabeth stated “I love being a member of Parliament. I don’t love politics. I don’t love being Leader of the Green Party. It is not really something I’d recommend to a good friend. It’s not fun,” adding that “politics is awful.” Ironically, Ms. May received almost 94-per-cent support from party members in a leadership review earlier this year. However, Ms. May stresses there aren’t any “real perks” to the position.

According to Ms. May, she is only doing the job because it’s important for the party to have a leader in Parliament. She claimed that if another potential leader came along, she would be open to handing off the baton. Ms May mentioned that “I will certainly be leader in the next election if that looks like our best bet, but if there’s a better way to do well, I would love to run alongside someone and support a new leader,” adding that “for me, it’s all about the issues. It’s not about the party.”

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