Suzuki Back in MotoGP?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…The strings of the Internet have been trebling for the past few days with words and pictures of the new carbon-clad Suzuki sports bike. Is it the new Suzuki MotoGP project for the 2014 season? Is it the new GSX R1000? Over at Cycle World they say it’s a prototype Suzuki racer for the 2014 MotoGP season and they analyze it to bits, well the bits observable from the track test images they managed to get their paws on. So far, they have concluded that it may be a straight four hiding under the fairings, as opposed to the V4 configuration Suzuki used so far in the MotoGP.

That lead to another conclusion from the other part of the world – Japanese motorcycle magazine Young Machine have gone so far to dress the mentioned bike photographed while testing into the GSXR white and blues, clearly stating that the carbon-happy bike is actually a radical GSXR redesign. Well, whatever it is, Suzuki – go back to racing!

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