Tough guys get more depressed after breakup

Big, bad, tough guys avoid diving into the dating pool after breakup, says a new study.

But it is not the same case with girls. In fact, they tend to return to the dating scene after calling quits.

A poll, conducted by , and , found that 85 percent of men confessed they “get depressed and upset” after a breakup and don’t start prowling for dates, reports The New York Daily News .

However, only 8 percent of females felt the same way, the study found.

According to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, a human-behavior expert and author of “Living the Truth,” it’s possible that online daters don’t represent all men and women.

“Men who gravitate toward those sites may do so because they’re rejection-sensitive,” Ablow said. “They may use the computer as a filter.”

“Women may use dating sites simply to have a bigger pool of men to choose from,” he said. “I think men and women suffer equally when they feel alone.”

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