How Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Ramadan

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

How Parents Should Tell Their Kids About RamadanRamadan is one of the most blessed months for the Muslims. Therefore, a preparation for parents is necessary which enables them to teach their children the importance and blessings of Ramadan. Ramadan guide includes how to develop a sense of understanding amongst children about how wholesome and how diversified the religious path can be and how can we get full benefit from this month by following the tips of Ramadan guide.

Fasting and Prayers

One of the fundamental aspects of Ramadan is prayer and fasting. In Ramadan guide too, the importance is undoubtedly the most. Muslims all around the world fast and do extra prayers in order to seek blessings of Allah Almighty. As part of Ramadan guide, parents should start telling their children about the importance of Namaz and fast together. Fathers should encourage their sons to accompany them to Taraweeh, a special prayer in Ramadan. In this way, the first stp of Ramadan guide will be initiated.


The next step in Ramadan guide for the parents is to enlighten their kids about the importance of Zakaat. As a preliminary step of Ramadan guide, children should be taught about charity and its significance in Islam. Gradually, they should be taught about how Zakaat is liable on different wealth levels.

Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

The third step in Ramadan guide is to teach the children about how fasting helps us in obtaining spiritual and physical well-being. Children should not be thinking that people are just being forced not to eat in this month, rather, they should be told, how fasting helps in spiritual and physical well-being of the Muslims.


The fourth step of Ramadan guide is to involve the kids in different Ramadan activities. The Ramadan guide suggests that involving kids in waking up for Sehr, having Iftar with their elders, having Iftar with the poor and needy and lots more helps in developing a sense of responsibility in children about the Holy month of Ramadan.

Don’t Over-burden

An essential step of Ramadan guide for parents is to make sure that they do not burden their kids with Ramadan happenings. It means that move gradually in a step-wise manner rather than telling them about Ramadan guide pointers in a rush. This will help the kids in better understanding of Ramadan guide pointers and they will enjoy the blissfulness of this Holy month more amazingly.

Last but not the least, Islam is a religion of freedom and therefore, nothing is allowed to be taught harshly. Ramadan guide for parents also suggests that parents adopt patience and perseverance when teaching their kids about these important aspects in Ramadan guide and stay light headed with the kids.

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