Sheila Copps STOP acting like a “stalking horse”

Oh good, I’m not the only one who reacted to Sheila Copps today like skin reacts to poison ivy. Here’s a neat concept, if you want people to stop seeing you as a “stalking horse” for someone else, STOP acting like a “stalking horse” for someone else. It is simply astounding how every single interview, commentary, piece I’ve heard from Sheila Copps SINCE she floated a run for Liberal President includes some dialogue on how Bob Rae can be permanent leader. Nevermind if Mr. Rae can or can’t run, with ALL the myriad of ISSUES facing the Liberal Party of Canada, this continual distraction is disappointing, and frankly it reveals why Copps isn’t necessarily a good choice to lead the party.

I want a President that does the tough work, but also someone who is largely anonymous, isn’t controversial, isn’t a potential problem or doesn’t bring baggage. Unfortunately, Copps pre-occupation with parting the seas to allow Mr. Rae a run for permanent leader raises all kinds of conspiracy laden theories. It’s as though we currently have two parallel universes with the Liberal Party, the encouraging reforming agenda that strives for a new presentation, and the old nudge nudge, wink wink, backroom flavoured machinations.

Bob Rae is doing a FANTASTIC job as Interim Leader, as many thought he would, without the permanent question in the equation. However, Mr. Rae was provided the opportunity with certain stipulations in mind. Yes, people can change their minds, but the unique advantages that Interim Leader provides should preclude any future revisions. Sheila Copps doesn’t think the Interim Leader role provides a potential advantage, which is pure MADNESS, YES it does, obviously it does, hello, hello, are you for real? Again, to not admit this basic common sense fact leaves me WONDERING what the hell is really going on here?

Mr. Rae gave his word, Mr. Rae has said he will not seek the permanent position, on various occasions. It is most certainly NOT the role of a potential Party President to drive an agenda that amounts to almost picking sides, getting right in the middle of debate that is outside of how I view this party role. Perhaps this is an example of why Liberals should be weary of Sheila Copps, she is prone to become the story, is that a net positive for US moving forward? Will Liberals have to endure this now reaccuring commentary on Mr. Rae, feeding distractions, wasting energy and focus on issues that frankly she should be taking a PASS on.

Just PLEASE, please STOP talking. I have this sneaking suspicion that we are going down a bad path…

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