India: Veterans of Disguised politics, once again unmasked

About a decade ago, when K.N.Govindacharya, the former leader of the intellectual cell of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), called Atal Behari Vajpayee, a ‘mask for the BJP’, at that time all the party leaders were angered by this statement. Certifying Govindacharya’s same testimony, the Liberhan Commission, investigating the demolition of the controversial Babri Mosque, has repeated the same statement. In the report, Atal Behari Vajpayee is once again called the mask for the party. The report has not only brought out the truth about the opportunistic and disguised politics of the BJP and its parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), it has also uncovered the conspiracy of violating the Constitution of India by these fake ‘nationalists’.

As far as the question of the BJP presenting itself as a liberal political party is concerned, the party, since its inception, has carried on the ‘mask politics’ by using the Muslim politicians like Sikander Bakht and Arif Beg as its masks. Since then, many such leaders joined the BJP who by their names were Muslims but due to their greed for the posts, they adopted the agenda of the Sangh and the BJP. This tradition is continuing in the form of Shahnawaz Husain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. The BJP presents these leaders in front of media so that it can convey to the country and the world that ‘our opponents accuse us of communal ideology, out of prejudice, while we are not so.’ Liberhan Commission, setting aside all these efforts of the party, has brought out its truth in its over 900 pages report- What the party wants? Who runs the party and how does it work? What is the motive of the BJP leaders and who sets their true agenda, means on whose direction the party works?

Before continuing, I want to put my wish that there a great temple dedicated to Lord Rama should be built in Ayodhya and it should not only be a great centre of belief rather it should be a symbol of India’s communal harmony. As it is proudly said about the Golden Temple that its foundation stone was laid by a Muslim, in the same way, I imagine and pray for the construction of the Ram Temple. But since last three decades an attempt is being made by the BJP and other communal forces to destroy the social fabric of the country, in guise of the construction of Ram temple, which is not acceptable. Another thing that is clear by the Liberhan Commission report is that the only motive of the people behind the Ram Temple construction mission is to capture power in the name of the temple.

Many leaders of the so called nationalist organizations, since last three decades, have attempted to spread venom in the whole country by misusing the Freedom of Expression. Their wish to establish a ‘Hindutva’ rule in Delhi is compelling them to take every such step which is immoral as well as unconstitutional. But these ‘nationalists’ and ‘patriots’, whenever they wish, they violate the Constitution and cross all the limits of immorality and inhumanity. For instance, the name of Atal Behari Vajpayee in the Liberhan report has caused anger in the party. Remember the moments after the demolition on 6 December 1992, when Vajpayee termed it as a shameful incident. But on 5 December 1992, in Lucknow, Vajpayee, addressing the same karsevaks(Ram temple volunteers) who had to march to Ayodhya the next day, said every that thing very confidently which represents his true colour and ideology. He clearly indicated to the karsevaks that to make the spot worth sitting for karsevaks, it is necessary to plain the sharp rocks (domes of the Mosque). Regarding the demolition, there can’t be any bigger indication by the leader of a stature of Vajpayee. He also said that he didn’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Today, the RSS, its sister organizations and its political offspring, the BJP have no evidence to prove that they tried to avoid the demolition of the controversial structure. Regarding the violation of the Constitution of India by these so-called nationalists, the way Kalyan Singh gave the example of his irresponsibility as a Chief Minister; it didn’t set a good example. If the Chief Ministers of other states also start taking inspiration from Kalyan Singh, its impact on India’s unity and integrity can be easily forecasted. It is also noteworthy here that among the 68 people indicted by the Liberhan report, the name of the staunch BJP ally Bal Thackeray, is also there. Today the entire world is seeing that how much this Thackeray is committed to the unity and integrity of the country and national language.

Overall, this controversial issue of Ayodhya should be seen a local problem of Ayodhya rather than with the eyes of the Sangh or the BJP. Regarding this issue, if we refer to the book ‘Sulagte Shahar ka Safarnama’ (story of the journey of a burning city) by great litterateur Kamleshwar, then this issue will neither look so big that on its back one can built his political career by carrying out ‘Rathyatras’, nor so communal or hateful so that it can result in the massacres in Godhra and Gujarat. Opposite to this, this temple standing on the foundation of brotherhood, consensus and communal harmony will truly represent the meaning of Ayodhya i.e. a place which is free from war, away from war and where never a war happens.

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Author Tanveer Jafri is a columnist based in India.He is related with hundreds of most popular daily news papers/portals in India and abroad. Jafri, Almost writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & global brotherhood. Tanveer Jafri is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (state govt. bodies in India). Thousands articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a receipent of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities.


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