Mr. Ignatieff what about Canadians with disabilities?

We asked Mr. Ignatieff last September what his policies are on Canadians with disabilities? We are still waiting.
What is the Liberal Party position on removing the disabled from the poor and giving them their civil rights?
We asked that question in September of 2009without a single response from Ignatieff or the Liberal Party.
His lack of response on this and other social issues is why Ignatieff languishes in the polls, forever locked in the 30% range.
Most Canadians don’t care about Iran or Afghanistan.
We care about Canada and Canadians. Canadians out of work. We care about poverty.
I personally care about 4.4 million Canadians with disabilities.
The lesson we learned from Antisemitism during WWII was human rights. However, for all practical purposes Canadians with disabilities have limited human rights.
Many of the disabled under the LICO (poverty line). Many of them don’t have disability supports.
Despite a Charter guarantee, we enjoy fewer human rights than women, gays and other minorities. We are excluded from education, jobs, and Canadian society.
We get a pat on the head or charity drive but no security of person and human rights.
We need:
1. Laws that enact and enforce the human rights of those living with disabilities uniformly across the country, something like the Americans with Disabilities Act with an enforcement agency.

We should not have to go to court as Canada’s weakest citizens.

2. Guaranteed annual income (GAI) so that all Canadians can live at least without hunger, fear of being homeless and destitute. From everything I read, GAI is cost neutral since we spend an enormous amount of money implementing a patchwork of programs with limited success.
3. Disability support for the additional expenses those with disabilities face. This will be even more important as they age. It costs in the range of $10K to $15K to keep a person aging and disabled in their home and more than $40K to warehouse them in institutions. Canada will not be able to afford the current model.

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