The Ghost Writer Experience at Dearly Departed (Hollywood, CA)

The Ghost Writer Experience: See Unexplained Polaroids and the Home Where They Were Shot

Dearly Departed (Hollywood, CA)

"The Ghost Writer Experience"

One of Los Angeles’ truly palpable supernatural hauntings, the Ghost Writer Polaroids appear to be physical evidence of messages from beyond the grave. In the ’80s and early ’90s, thousands of Polaroid pictures were taken in a L.A. home revealing ectoplasmic images, semi-transparent letters and shapes that resemble plants and animals. Some even contain ghostly messages that depict answers to questions as floating Latin or English words. During The Ghost Writer Experience, you will have a chance to see the pictures, the house where they were taken and watch a presentation by Bill Murphy of the SyFy Network’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. You will meet up at Dearly Departed for the Polaroid exhibit and Murphy’s presentation before boarding touring vans to visit the home where the phenomenon occurred for a talk by resident John Huckert. This one-of-a-kind Halloween event goes beyond costumes, tricks or treats for a look beyond the grave on the 20th anniversary of the case. Please see the description for more information.

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