FREE Motivational Seminar for MEN: Learn to BECOME a Dating Service yourself

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Canada: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…
USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Dates: July 13, 2013 to July 13, 2013
Location: FREE Motivational Seminar for MEN: Learn to BECOME a Dating Service yourself
Just a sample of the topics covered in our in-depth seminars: -how to eliminate your limiting beliefs – How to eradicate your crippling anxiety – How to build rock solid confidence – How to transform your inner game – How to become the kind of Man who lives his life on his terms and is free to take whoever he chooses with him on that journey There are no tricks to imitate someone you’re not. There are no games to hide your fears and doubts. There are no techniques to pretend like you’re insecurity free. There are no mindsets to internalise or affirmations to repeat in the shower every morning. This will give you the core level of understanding and self-awareness necessary to build the powerful and solid inner core strength that will have you searching for your insecurities rather than running from them. – The real reason you’re trying to attract women and how it’s ruining your chances before you open your mouth – The hidden link between getting a girlfriend, chicken soup, kayaking and nightclubs – How Steven seduced me into divulging my secrets – The attraction fallacy: why relying on flirty smiles from cute women is keeping them out of your reach – Why trying to fix the symptoms of your lack of success with women is a waste of time and how you can eliminate them all at once – The underlying mechanism that’s responsible for you needing to learn attraction techniques – How to avoid being needy and clingy when you’re honestly expressing what you think and how you feel – Exactly how the patterns of neediness and dependency in your relationships with women effect the rest of your life – The only reason your life lacks the spark and excitement you crave – What women REALLY want – The 2 core desires that drive all decisions in both women AND men – The information trap: how learning more can make you feel good about yourself but will only leave you empty and lost On attracting women… – Why trying to ‘get’ the girl is preventing you from getting the girl – How to give freely to women without needing anything in return – Why the ‘long’ journey of inner transformation is actually the quickest and simplest way to real success with women – The specific reason why nice guys get stuck in the friend zone – How to execute every PUA technique without trying – What’s making you dependent on a positive response to feel good about yourself – What attraction really is and how it has nothing to do with evolutionary psychology – Why becoming a better sales man is the slowest and most frustrating way to attract women – The specific brain changes that allow switched on women to see through charades – How to buy women flowers, drinks, and other gifts without coming across as needy and desperate – Why you’re having flat and boring conversations and how you can infuse them with life and energy – Why some women are attracted to money, others to status, others to muscles, and how you can attract them without these things – How to become the life of the party without having to pretend to be someone you’re not – Why you’re not naturally attractive to women and what you need to change – The one thing you need to change to build rock solid presence with women – How to get women to set you up with their friends – Why the concepts in this seminar are simultaneously the least effective and most effective ways to seduce women – What makes you a ‘nice guy’ and why changing your actions won’t help you break free from it – Why it’s so much easier to attract women when you already have a girlfriend and how you can get to that place without one On connecting with women… – How to draw people in whilst talking about topics they don’t even care about – The essential step in communicating inner confidence and strength – How women can tell exactly what you’re really trying to do and how to use that to your advantage – How to give an authentic and genuine compliment to a woman without needing a favourable response – How to make real, deep, and powerful connections with women without needing to learn a single thing to talk about – The difference between ‘doing’ genuine and ‘being’ genuine – The truth that an online dating profile can reveal about you – The simple way to use your past mistakes to form deep and powerful connections with women – The simple way to let go of the outcome when talking to women and just enjoy the moment – What’s really governing your sub-communication and what you need to change to fix it for good – How to stop waiting for your turn to talk and really listen to what women are saying – The easy way to make talking to women fun and effortless – How to truly enjoy not knowing how a woman is going to respond On relationships… – The core essence of empowering relationships and what you need to do to create them – How to naturally screen out the women you don’t want and form deep and real connection with the ones you do – What leaves people trapped in frustrating and depressing relationships and how you can avoid it – How to give a woman the sense of safety and certainty that she desires – What it really means to give to a woman without needing anything in return – Why you’re in the friend zone and what has to change for you to break out – What has to change so you can stop trying to impress women and start working out if they impress you – The biological difference between Men and Women that’s at the core of most relationship problems On the Seduction Community… – The difference between ‘doing’ self amusement and actually being self amusing – The common trap of trying to get ‘into state’ – The only thing responsible for you having to learn pickup and seduction tactics – Why you have to choose between being a naturally attractive Man and learning PUA material – The reason why memorising lines and routines is really just using women – Why following all the right steps isn’t going to do you any good when you’re talking to a confident and strong woman – Why seduction rules were first developed and how you can attract women without them – Why there is no such thing as a ‘social blueprint’ and what REALLY creates social constructs – What’s simpler and easier than becoming a better salesman – The core essence of a naturally attractive man – The essence of a ‘creepy salesman’ and what you need to change to avoid coming off like that – The fundamental flaw of using PUA routines to attract women – The essence of Cocky / Funny and how to make it work for you – Why a specific line can work wonders for you in one minute and fail miserably the next – The pointlessness of working on body language, voice tonality, speed, and pitch and how you can improve them all at the same time – Why the seduction community can never help you become a natural with women – Why the seduction community has so many rules, techniques and methods and how to make them all unnecessary – The one reason why a line that works magic for a Pickup Guru will fail you completely and how to make it work like a charm – The psychological foundations that make the Pick Up Arts necessary and how you can avoid it – Why PUA techniques work for some guys and why it’s the kind of success that you’ll never want – The three ways to eliminate feelings of emptiness and aloneness and how to choose the right one for you – The reason that acting the same was as a naturally attractive guy will ever help you become a naturally attractive guy On building confidence… – What must shift to change rejection from painful to a powerful learning experience – What you need to do if you’re ever going to be able to let go of your past – How to discover the key ingredients of your perfect life and why you MUST know them if you’re ever going to reach your potential – How to feel strong and confident about your life, regardless of who’s in it – How to turn uncertainty about the future from anxiety to excitement – What it means to be truly honest and how you probably haven’t been living it till now – The core essence of becoming an internally fulfilled Man – How to break free from all external constraints and why it’s far easier than you think – Why you MUST let yourself experience your emotions in full if you’re ever going to get to your core barriers – The power of being ‘shameless’ – Why faking-it will never help you build the confidence and inner fulfilment you desire On eliminating neediness… – The 6 different models of outcome dependency – The simple life systems you need to install to eliminate neediness and clinginess – How to eliminate unproductive brain connections for rapid transformation – Why searching for acceptance is the one thing preventing you from getting it – The obvious reason why you’re choose a life of dependency and the amazing benefits you’re missing out on – Why basing your self-worth on the external environment is so fleeting – The kind of person can make a life of dependency and neediness work and why you’re not one of them – What to do when you slip back into old habits – How to let go of bad habits with ease – Why you need to be needy and clingy if you’re ever going to give it up On inner transformation… – The only reason you think women are bitches and what you need to change to stop seeing them like that – How being a good Samaritan can help you let go of needing other peoples approval – The core motivations necessary for true personal transformation – The true power of painful situations and how you can learn from them – The common trap you need to avoid when becoming internally fulfilled and free – The incredible rush that comes through helping other guys see their own limitations – The core element necessary to work out exactly how you should live your life and the simple way to discover it – The three pathways to experiencing everything you desire and which one is the path to complete inner fulfilment – Why changing what you’re doing with your life is never the answer – The first and most crucial step in eliminating your inner barriers – The key first step in building an honest and powerful life – One daily practise that will bring focus, direction, and power to your life – The self-perpetuating cycle you create by blaming other people for your life problem – How to heal the pain of your past – The common lifestyle changes you can expect when taking full responsibility for your life – How to build a strong and supportive social circle and why you don’t have on now – The simple way to guarantee that you’ll never experience long term fulfilment and satisfaction and how to identify where you’re using it – What needs to change so you can truly appreciate women for who they are rather than using them to feel good about yourself – What needs to change before your friends will be ready to join you on the path of personal empowerment – The reason why your work feels like a chore and a burden and what you need to wake up excited and passionate – How to turn the most repetitive and mundane tasks into fulfilling and exciting activities – What’s really to blame when activities don’t live up to your expectations and how you can flip that around – How to predict our future with 90% accuracy and why you won’t want to be part of it – The relationship between your work, women, friendships, and your free time – How to become the kind of Man that people naturally want to give to – What’s really responsible for how easy or hard your life is and how to choose ‘easy’, every time – What’s really responsible for the pain and frustration in your life and how you can eliminate it for good – The simple way to make your frustrations and barriers melt away – Why you MUST do what feels right for you in every moment if you’re ever going to break free from your old habits – The 17 stage progression of personal transformation and how to plot yourself on it – How to determine your current life purpose – What the ‘Scale of Consciousness is and how you can use it to predict your journey – Why you must carry a notepad with you at all times if you’re really committed to this journey – The one thing you normally block out that’s the key to finding your core desires – What is really meant by ‘There is no spoon…’ – The illusion of ‘free will’ and what’s really governing the choices you make – The three questions you must as yourself if you’re ever going to become the Man of your dreams – The psychological foundations of ‘truth’ and how there can be multiple ‘truths’ in any situation – What it really means to live a life of integrity – How to determine your ‘Script’ and why you need to know if you’re ever going to watch your inner barriers drop like flies – And much, much, more…

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