The Flying Karamazov Brothers at Smothers Theatre at Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA)

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Flying Karamazov Brothers: World-Famous Comic Jugglers

Smothers Theatre at Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA)

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Flying Karamazov Brothers have entertained countless crowds with their hilarious antics, extraordinary juggling and over-the-top theatrics. For this very special showcase, four of these self-proclaimed lunatics — who can often be found decked out in tutus and kilts, their hair styled so wildly it could make even Coolio jealous — have added a unique element to the show. Inviting you (yes — you) to bring anything that you think is “unjugglable,” the Brothers, amidst segments of laugh-out-loud comedy, will take on the challenge and try to prove you wrong. The only caveat: they won’t juggle any live animals or “anything that might stop the juggler from being a live animal.” So come on out and see if you can stump this troupe of talented performers live at Pepperdine University’s Smothers Theatre.

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