Rue Morgue Unstable Ground present LITTLE TERRORS Vol. 29 – Metamorphosis

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Rue Morgue Magazine & Unstable Ground present

LITTLE TERRORS – Short Film Event – Volume 29 – Metamorphosis

Little Terrors is now now starting it's 4th year/season! Come check out a monthly showcase of horror short films! Originally featured at the Toronto rep-cinema 'The Projection Booth', the program's current home is MAGIC LANTERN CARLTON CINEMA. Enjoy two full hours of the craziest, goriest, most-disturbing and off-the-wall short films the genre has to offer! Plus Q&As with some of the filmmakers! $10, 18+. Fully liquor-licensed theatre!

The poster this month features hand-drawn artwork from Darryl Shaw. Come and enjoy our 4th Season premiere, including lots of Toronto Premieres!


Here's this month's outstanding lineup:

Call Girl (6 minutes, premiere)

DIR: Jill Sixx Gevargizian

In one man's attempt to exploit his date night via video-chat, he ends up sharing something far more disturbing. Starring Laurence R. Harvey (Human Centipede II) and Tristan Risk (American Mary).

Lights Out (3 minutes)

DIR: David Sandberg, Lotta Losten

Every time a woman turns out her light, a figure appears. Creepy short film at it's finest!

How to Make a Nightmare (9 minutes, premiere)

DIR: Noah Aust

Nightmares are cooked up in strange underground laboratories in this bizarre short with style to spare. Full of excellent production design, and stop-motion interludes. Previous selection of Fantasia.

Baskin (12 minutes, Turkey, premiere)

DIR: Can Evrenol

A group of Turkish police called into a desolate slum stumble upon a blood-soaked den of Satanic ritual. Previous selection of Fantasia.

1500 niños (6 minutes, Mexico/Canada, premiere)

DIR: Olivier A Dubois

An old Mexican peasant collected all kinds of dolls and puppets he expounded on his island for his own pleasure, but also as protection from the ghost that haunted him.

On/Off (14 minutes, France, premiere)

DIR: Thierry Lorenzi

Obsessed by a mysterious voice message, an astronaut must face her own fears while in the dead of space. Previous selection of Fantasia.

Waterborne (8 minutes, Austrialia, premiere)

DIR: Ryan Cooney

A local ranger finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the town's water supply, leading to nightmarish results: zombie kangaroos!!! Previous selection of Fantasia and multiple festivals around the world.

The Trial (12 minutes, UK)

DIR: Philip Arnold, Mark Player

Wrongfully accused of murder, a man gets more than he bargained for when he volunteers for an experimental judicial process.

Ghost Train (17 minutes, Ireland/Finland, premiere)

DIR: Lee Cronin

Two estranged brothers visit an abandoned fairground where their childhood friend went missing. The day will change their lives forever. Directed by LT-alumnus Cronin (Through the Night, Billy & Chuck). Previous selection of Fantasia and UK Frightfest.

Service (8 minutes, premiere)

DIR: Jerry Pyle

A woman and her daughter are trapped in a closet by a home invader. Directed by LT-alunnus Pyle (Burn).

Elefante (9 minutes, Spain)

DIR: Pablo Larcuen

In this surprisingly-touching short, filled with excellent make-up effects, a man is diagnosed with a rare disease: he's turning into an elephant. Previous selection of multiple film festivals worldwide.



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