LIKE A BOSS – Nova Rutherford Seminar on Assertiveness #TRIGGERS

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

As part of the #TRIGGERS event coming out of F-You: The Forgiveness Project, highly sought after life and personal development coach Nova Browning Rutherford presents LIKE A BOSS, a seminar on assertiveness.

12:00 pm at The Richmond

Nova is a Personal Development Coach and Speaker who speaks to numerous crowds in both Canada and the United States. She specializes in confidence building, assertiveness, mental health of university and college students and self esteem. Her intention is for individualds to break the victim mentality and overcome. A survivor of depression, abuse, addiction and assualt, Nova’s sincerity, personal experiences, and humour are refreshing to audiences looking to be inspired.

She has been on spoken to hundreds of crowds, and been CBC News, The Social and many other Canadian programs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see her!


$15 per person

$25 for 2 people

$12 for students

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