MDFF and Refocus present QUEEN OF EARTH at The Royal

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

MDFF and Refocus are proud to present the Canadian premiere of Alex Ross Perry’s QUEEN OF EARTH. Tuesday October 13th at 7:00pm, $10. Advance tickets are $8 and available here:

Elisabeth Moss gives a remarkable performance in this haunting portrait of a psychological break down. Following a breakup, she heads to her friends Katherine Watterson family lake house for rest and recovery. However, we immediately feel an unease here. Beautifully shot on 16mm by Perrys frequent collaborator Sean Price Williams it constantly feels close to dusk with light reflecting off the water and filtering through the trees. Complimented by an eerie score composed by Keegan DeWitt the tone is reminiscent of a horror film. Tensions both past and present between the two friends soon mount. As the film progresses Catherine grows increasingly desperate, falling into a downward spiral approaching a full descent into madness.

If this is a horror film, its a horror film about ourselves. Its a film about the fear of being alone or being scrutinized; about the horror of how emotional or needy we can be and how seemingly impossible it can feel to escape from these pits of despair.

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