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Slumping oil prices are putting pressure on U.S. drillers.

The number of active rigs drilling for oil and gas fell by their most in two months, according to the latest data from oil services firm Baker Hughes. There were 19 oil rigs that were removed from operation as of Oct. 17, compared to the

Nobody's Home America's Vacant Housing Problem   FRED, that wonderful source of all things economic, has a lot of interesting data that is there for the taking.  As you'll see in this posting, there is one very little discussed aspect of America's housing market that has shown almost no improvement since the end of the Great
The Price-Earnings Ratio and the Overbought Stock Market   The recent volatility in the stock market has come as shock to many investors, however, looking at historical data, we shouldn't really be all that surprised.   Back in 2000, Yale Professor Robert Shiller, co-creator of the widely
The Impact of Europe's Negative Interest Rates   Here is an interesting graph from the European Central Bank:     Notice that the first part of the curve has a negative yield?  Currently, the yields on 3 month, six month, nine month, and one to three year debt
Are Margin Debt Levels Telegraphing the Stock Market's Future?   Given the current high level of volatility in the stock market, I wanted to revisit a metric that reveals a great deal about investor sentiment, the size of the outstanding margin debt.  This is an update to postings that I have done over the past year.

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