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Kanishq Verma from Doha, Qatar wins Peace Builder of the Year Award

“In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability” – Bertrand Piccard

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Spin 4 Kids Spin groove and move!
With 2015 already here, there are many people in the world that might have made a new year’s resolution this year. The most common one always happens to be to become healthy and physically fit. It’s even been proven that the best way to achieve this goal is by getting a membership
When Children View Pornography Parenting Guide to a Child

It is the most charming time of your life when you become a parent, but this happiness comes with a great sense of responsibility for both the life partners. It is usually said that the real importance of our parents is discovered when we ourselves become one.

This is due to the fact that we

Teens, Money, and Who Pays for What

Most parents want their kids to understand how to manage money, but they don’t often provide their kids with an education in “money smarts. ” Most teens don’t really get it because whenever they need cash, their parents hand it over.  But what happens when a teen gets a part-time

Complaining vs Making it Better in 2015

When children reach a certain age, they will, if we’ve encouraged them to do so, voice their opinions. That’s very healthy and should be encouraged. But sometimes this opinion-sharing turns into a constant barrage of complaints. That can pollute family life. So tell the truth,

Holiday parties! What’s the price of Popularity?

T’is the season for parties. When it’s a family affair, all the kids are included. But as you get older, you may want to organize your own get-togethers, and that means only “special friends” get invited. If you’ve been left off a party invitation list you might have


I read lots of parenting books, but only recommend the top notch. That means they deliver pragmatic advice in small, well-organized, chunks of digestible wisdom. No big chunks, please. Who’s got the time? It helps a lot if the book’s tone is so engaging

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