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Presently, politics is the hottest topic in India as the election campaign goes on. It’s quite interesting to be able to realize what’s going on back home while living overseas in Canada. It fascinates me to watch how the political parties are crafting policies as well as designing their mottos

In February of 2014, the PWC will celebrate its third years of existence. To celebrate peace, we would like to recognize a youth who makes his/her community a better place to live, work and play. In return we want to nominate a ‘Peace Builder of the Year’ who will most likely be chosen.


Last Episode - 59

Sufficiently recovered from his collision with a flying paint can, Edward Grey carefully sat up, hugged and kissed Gracie again and then with the help of Lord Hanuman, who was no stranger to him, got up and steady on his feet. He made his way to Mrs. Grey still passed out on the

Episode - 58

Hour by hour with tons of Pink Elbow Grease, the painting, paperhanging, sewing and fixing got done as more and more Divine Beings came from Yoga*Land. Hanuman arrived with all of his monkeys, who quickly painted the outside of the house a beautiful shade of Pink Coral with sunny

Harnoor Gill, featured in various magazines last year was awarded the 2013 International “Diana Award” for his humanitarian work (http://diana-award.org.uk/the-award/international-award).   The 15 year old youth from Georgetown, Ontario, is quiet and humble about the Award and

Episode - 57

What woke her up next was the sound of a huge commotion downstairs. Had someone broken in to the house? Where was Musika? How long had she been laying there? Gathering her faculties, she got up from the X17 Deluxe Yoga Mat and carefully tiptoed toward the edge of the staircase. If

Episode - 56

This was the first time that Gracie had been alone in the big old house. She had been alone many times in the apartment where she and her mother had lived before and had learned to be very self-sufficient at a very young age. She would plow into the weekend with zeal. Since she

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