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Over the years, Hate Story has turned out to be a formidable franchise. Though music of Hate Story was just about decent, it was better when it came to the sequel. Now that the third in the series has turned into an even bigger film, one expects the music to take a turn for the better

Hindi Cinema is infamous for its semi-fictionalized depiction of events that happen in our daily lives. We feel our bellies going warm and fuzzy after listening to a romantic song. We also feel regret & mistrust after listening to a track which reminds us of a love story gone downhill.


One is actually surprised to know that a film called Love Exchange is up for release. With absolutely no promotion so far, it requires a quick online visit to know what is in the store. As it turns, this is a romantic musical family drama in the offering with music by Jaidev Kumar and
Going by the whacky title and the whacky nature of the film, one expects the soundtrack of Guddu Ki Gun to be whacky as well. Quite a few names feature as composers and lyricists on the credit details. One waits to hear what composers Gajendra-Vikram, Raju Sardar & Soumyajit Banerjee

One isn't really sure of how the music would unfold for Yaara Silly Silly. However, with names like Ankit Tiwari and Sandeep Nath on the credits, you are almost assured that there would be romantic compositions and lovelorn lyrics in the offering.


Thankfully, the

A.R. Rahman's music can often be tricky. You may not really get bowled over, you may get hooked on to it right away or you give it a few listening before it starts - as the cliched goes - growing on you. Hence, you wait to hear the entire soundtrack of Tamasha at least a few times
One expects a fun soundtrack in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. The first in the series didn't really have memorable music but fitted in well into the narrative. Also, it turned out to be more popular after the release since it was more of a situational soundtrack. Now in the sequel, composer

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