Eric Gipson dies in a police chase, Houston, Texas

Houston police are investigating a fatal traffic at 7200 Langley about 4:20 p.m. on Friday (June 11).

The male suspect, Eric Gipson, 19, of Houston, was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

HPD Vehicular Crimes Division Sergeant J. Law and Officer D. Nguyen reported:

A Northeast Patrol Division police officer observed Gipson operating a white Yamaha off-road motorcycle at a high rate of speed and failing to stop at stop signs. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop when Gipson refused to stop. The officer followed Gipson a short distance down Homestead Road and then westbound on Langley. Gipson then made a U-turn on Langley and began traveling eastbound. The officer continued following Gipson eastbound on Langley when the officer observed him run a red light at the intersection of Homestead Road. Gipson then struck a blue Buick LeSabre traveling southbound on Homestead.

The driver and four passengers of the Buick were taken to Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital with minor injuries.

The investigation is continuing.

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  1. Well why would a police officer tase someone in water what kind of training do y’all have its obviously they dont need to be using them because common since if u taser someone in water there going to die so its there failure n Eric Gibson is not a big man they should’ve been able to handle him unless it was a fat as cop who can’t run y’all don’t have no reason to take a life when the police can’t be trusted thts why i don’t pull over until i know I’m safe n maybe he was dominiquee the same

  2. Thats was my big brother and now that cop dcomment_ID what he dcomment_ID how he not even in my life no more. r.i.p. big bro i will always miss u.

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