Paulo Marquez from Made in NY

Paulo Marquez spent most of his twenties “out on the streets,” making some mistakes that nearly cost him his life. By 29 he had cleaned up and gained a strong perspective on what he wanted for his future. One day he ran into the set of the TV show “Bored to Death” in his Queens neighborhood. He asked a crew member how to get involved and was told to check out “Made in NY.”

Katy Finch of Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, the Director of the “Made in NY” PA Training Program, remembered interviewing Marquez for the program. “What really impressed me was his maturity,” she said. “He had a lot of life experience that seemed like it was going to help him get through the dark days of production. A lot of people say they learn from their experience – with Paulo it was simply very evident. The perspective he brings is making him successful on set.”

Since graduating from Cycle 15 last July, Paulo has worked consistently. He’s worked on everything from home improvement shows like “Dear Genevieve” on HGTV to industry events like the A&E upfront. He’s also day-played on films like Morning Glory and the soon-to-be-released The Adjustment Bureau. Currently he’s working as the set PA for a documentary focusing on teaching English as a second language for Kingsbridge University.

“My favorite part [of working in the industry] is seeing a project from start to finish,” he said. “It’s a thrill to see it on screen and to know how much work goes into it, all the work behind the scenes.” Marquez is working toward becoming a second assistant director and then an assistant director with the ultimate goal of directing and producing TV.

He understands the dedication and hard work that it will take to get there – it’s the same consistent effort he put into turning his life around before production. And he credits the program with giving him the chance to focus his strengths on a new career. “The PA program really gets you ready,” he explained. “It’s very thorough and it left me very prepared. You have to love what you do and give it 100%.”

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