We are creating opportunities, says Lee

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong addressed the issue of overcrowding by foreigners in Singapore on Wednesday and said that “We are creating opportunities more than we have bodies to fill.”

He said so during his address at the May Day Rally and clarified that Singapore is dealing with the problem of competition, overcrowding, and diverse social norms. He said that his government was already working on the problem with the immigration department and carrying out meetings for the same purpose. He also added that industries do not see from a wider perspective while hiring workers. Therefore, it is the duty of the government to determine while industries require what type of workers and work on the matter accordingly to ensure Singapore does not face employment crunch.

Commenting on the demand and supply of the workers and job openings in the country, Lee said that the government created 120,000 jobs in the previous year amongst which only 32,000 were filled in by Singapore nationals. Therefore, to fill the gap between job opportunities created and the workforce, the government has to seek foreign individuals. However, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the foreign workforce brought in the country meets the required specifications.

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  1. “We are creating opportunities more than we have bodies to fill.”
    I thought the jobs need brains — only brainless bodies? Low wage jobs? Who needs them?

  2. What the PM is saying is basically new companies being setup in Singapore and creating 32k jobs for Singaporean. What I am concern with are those companies that are already setup in Singapore. Wouldn’t they be looking at retrenching the 60% of Singaporean in their workforce and employing foreigners due to cost?. Are we being safe guarded in this situation?. And also, since the PM agreed that Singapore cannot be accepting so many foreigners coming in year after year, why wasn’t this been address before they started allowing such huge influx of foreigners?. Why was this only starting to address after the Citizens complain about it?. I do not think that Singaporeans are xenophobic since we have clearly been multi-cultural for many years. But to allow so many to come in, in such short time span is really pushing it. We probably should have started some assimilation program to soften the acceptance of people from different cultures years ago too. We should have definitely improve on the infrastructure years ago. If all these have been in place, I don’t think Singaporeans would have felt any insecurity at all. Singaporeans in general love people from all walks of life.

  3. Mr PM is basically damaged controlling now. What he had sacomment_ID is not convincing at all. There have been too many ground issues as a results of his policy. There is a fair amount of political contents in that policy that he has not share to public !!

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